Samsung Mobile Printing Solutions – Android/iOS

Saturday, June 10th 2017. | How to Setup, Samsung Mobile PRINT App

Samsung Mobile Printing Solutions

Samsung Mobile Print App

Samsung Mobile Printing SolutionsSamsung Mobile Print App Solutions supported Print / Scan and Data Sharing, Samsung print app makes it easy to print photos or documents directly from your mobile device from just about anywhere, even Cloud printing functions also, print the file using select popular cloud Internet service or social network mobile using a Samsung PRINT App from compatible iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Android devices. Smartphone printing/Table ready with all the performance compact print, scan and file transfer capabilities, wireless live print files, web pages, easy-share documents with in your trusted social networking sites.

Print Specification

Print Solutions mobile to handle multiple task stack Office or business, such as printing photos or web pages and PDF files, Microsoft Office from a mobile device that is connected with the support of Android/iOS, Windows phone, need to install the App-grstid possible Samsung products, easy to select content, then wireless print it.

Scanning specifications

Samsung Mobile printing App Scans without the need to connect cables with integrated mobile device, the scan is more convenient from any network-connected Samsung products. Even the choice of scanning a wide range of formats (JPG, PNG and PDF) from the mobile display, produces quality scanning with the requirements on the disposal, Scanning mobile devices is very proud to use this only for businesses that must-have.

Download Samsung Mobile Printing Apps

Download ↔ Print App For Android

Download ↔ Print App Android For iOS users

Using a Samsung Print App means you’ll master to print, Scan or Send Faxes wireless Android, iOS devices supported. Even for content being on your phone or on the Google drive it just easy., supports scanning of multi-functional device of your network and save in various formats with just one click.

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